Submitting Your Catalog

Send your products to GreenChoice to easily use the Empower API with all your products.

Show enriched data right away!

When using the GreenChoice Empower API, your users will have the best experience viewing enriched product data like GreenScores®, values tags, and insights on products within your own product catalog.

You can easily get started by checking for products already in our data catalog.

You can then increase product coverage by sending your entire catalog with data you have, or minimal data for us to fill in (see below for details).

In addition to having more products with enriched data, the more products you send us, the better the recommendations for better alternatives or related products will be!

Step 1: Prepare your CSV catalog file

Create a new CSV file with a single column called "UPC_Code". In the column include the integer form of the UPC12 GTIN for any products you want to match. It will look like the following (with many more UPCs):


Step 2: Upload your catalog CSV and immediately get enriched data on all matching products

The response will give you a link to the updated file and an estimated date and time of completion. We'll also send you an email with a link to download when it's ready. Any products that matched are already in our system and ready to be retrieved through the API.

Step 3: Download your product file with new columns "Matched", "Eligible", and "Match Details"

Use the link in your email to grab the file. Review the file for data issues. If the column Matched is "Y" and the column Eligible is "Y", GreenChoice has the data for that product and it is automatically live and ready for use in the GreenChoice Empower API!

Step 4: Send us your Base data for all unmatched or ineligible products for which you have base data for

If GreenChoice doesn't already have your product, you should prepare a CSV file for your whole catalog -- any products for which you have the full base data set can be processed. Your file should contain the following fields (it may contain more, but must have these as written) to enable processing:

UPC_Code, Product Name, Product Brand, Product Description, Ingredient List, Product Quantity, Product Type, Product Category, Product URL, Product Image, Calories, Protein (g), Total Sugars (g), Added Sugars (g), Sodium (mg), Cholesterol (mg), Vitamin A (%), Vitamin C (%), Calcium (%), Iron (%), Total Fat (g), Saturated Fat (g), Trans Fat (g), Dietary Fiber (g), Potassium (%), Vitamin D (%), Folate (%), Serving Size Household Units, Serving Size Measurement (Volume/Weight), Serving Size Unit, Serving Size in Metric Units, Number of Servings, Total Carbohydrate (g), Certifications

To fill data gaps, use our fast, affordable Base product data collection process for any products in your catalog which are missing base data. In your file, you simply need to include the UPC_Code, Product_Name, and Product_Brand fields:

UPC_Code, Product Name, Product Brand

See below for details about each field. You can download a simple example CSV to use as a template.

Lets's talk!

We'll reach out to you with an estimate based on the number of products missing data and the data they are missing. You can also reach out to us directly: Schedule a meeting or email us for more details.

Field Information

Field details (All are required unless noted as optional):

UPC_CodeThe GTIN in UPC12 format (with or without leading zeros) 711464013368
Product NameThe full name of the product blue dragon light coconut milk
Product BrandThe full brand name Blue Dragon
Product Description
Ingredient List
Product Quantity DescriptionA description of the quantity 12 pack 13.5 oz each
Product Type optional
Your own product type
coconut milk
Product CategoryYour product category dairy and eggs
Product URLThe URL for the product and its information
Product Main ImageThe URL for the main product image
CaloriesCalorie value 70
Protein (g)Protein in grams 1
Total Sugars (g)Total sugar amount 1
Added Sugars (g)Total added sugars amount 0
Sodium (mg)Sodium in milligrams 20
Cholesterol (mg)Cholesterol in milligrams 0
Vitamin A (%)% Daily value of vitamin A 0
Vitamin C (%)% Daily value of vitamin C 0
Calcium (%)% Daily value of calcium 0
Iron (%)% Daily value of iron 0
Total Fat (g)Total amount of fat in grams7
Saturated Fat (g)Amount of saturated fat in grams 6
Trans Fat (g)Amount of trasnsaturated fat in grams 0
Dietary Fiber (g)Total dietary fiber in grams 0
Potassium (%)% Daily value of potassium 0
Vitamin D (%)% Daily value of vitamin D 0
Folate (%)% Daily value of folate 0
Serving Size Household UnitsServing size in household units (Tbsp, cup, pack, etc.) 1/3 cup
Serving Size Measurement (Volume/Weight)Serving size amount (number) 2.67
Serving Size UnitUnit of measurement for the serving size ("oz" or "fl oz") fl oz
Serving Size in Metric UnitsMetric equivalent serving size ("20 g", "13.5 ml", "100 mg", etc.) 80 ml
Number of ServingsNumber of servings in the container 5
Total Carbohydrate (g)Total carbohydrate in grams 2
Comma-separated list of label certications
certified organic, certified gluten-free