Better For You Alternative options for a single product

This API returns “healthy alternatives” to a specific food or beverage UPC (Universal Product Code). This simple API streamlines the process of finding healthy options, making it easy for shoppers to find “better for you” products that are nutritious, minimally processed, and better for the planet.

How it works:

  1. You send the UPC (GTIN-12) of a food or beverage product.
  2. The API returns a curated list of all products of the same productType (eg. soy milk) that have a higher GreenScore®.
  3. If there are no higher rated products of the same productType, then the API will return a list of all the higher rated products of the same productSubCategory (eg. plant-based milk).
  4. The API always returns the list of “Better for You” options sorted in descending order of GreenScore®, so the healthiest 1:1 swaps are shown first.

    *View an example of this API in action:

    To receive results pre-filtered to your catalog, you must send us your catalog beforehand. Please see Submitting Your Catalog for more details on sending us your catalog.
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