The GreenChoice Empower API is wide open for registered users.

Free trial accounts are limited to 500 unique products when using the product enrichment endpoints. Users who sign up for one of our packages are not limited to a certain number or products.

Free trial accounts can use the product match endpoints without limit. Check your entire catalog, a subset, or single products to see if we already have the product details we need to enrich them.

The data you receive back from the API is only limited by the package(s) you choose, and you can upgrade/downgrade at any time.

Product data retrieved from GreenChoice during the free trial is not licensed and can only be used for internal viewing to determine match coverage.

We monitor API usage in an effort to maintain stability, make sure we are meeting users' needs, and be proactive in preventing unintended abuse. In most cases, we'll let you know if we see any suspicious activity before taking any action.