The GreenChoice Empower API was built to make product-level health and sustainability data accessible & actionable for consumers and innovators.

GreenChoice Empower enables personalized, transparent shopping experiences and ESG insights for food retailers, distributors, brands, and apps/platforms serving health-conscious & eco-conscious consumers.

We analyze products’ dietary, health, and sustainability attributes and score their impacts.
Our team of nutrition, environmental and data scientists follow science-backed standards and use data from over 140 vetted sources: research institutes & NGOs, government agencies & IGOs, peer-reviewed scientific journals, manufacturers, and more.


Access the most comprehensive dietary, health, and sustainability dataset on food & beverage products in the U.S.

GreenChoice provides generic product details, over 100 derived dietary, wellness, and values attributes, evidence-based nutrition and sustainability ratings, climate labels, and recommendation engines for every product in our database of 360,000+ food & beverage items (and growing).


We’ve analyzed 360K+ products & can process your entire product catalog in days, instead of months

Missing a product you want attributes and ratings for? In just a few hours, our systems can analyze your Base product data for tens of thousands of new products, augmenting your product data with our attributes, scores, and insights.

Don’t have the base data for a product we’re missing? We offer a fast, affordable, and reliable AI-assisted service for Base product data collection.

GreenChoice API & Data Service Packages 🔍

AttributesGreenScores® & BFY RecommendationsClimate Labels Recommendations
Base/Data Collection
Product Name
Brand Name
Product Image(s), Manufacturer Description
Quantity Description
Net Weight
Nutrition Facts
Ingredient List
Allergen Statement

Food Type Classifications
Diet Tags
Allergen Tags

Nutrient Tags & FDA Nutrient Claims
Ingredient Tags
Sustainability Tags
Clean Labels & Values Tags
Total GreenScore®
Summary Description,
Better Alternatives

Nutrition Rating
Nutritional Value Tag
Better Alternatives

Processing Rating
Processing Value Tag Insights
Better Alternatives

Ingredient Safety Rating
Ingredient Values Tag Insights
Better Alternatives

Environment Rating Environment Value Tag Insights
Better Alternatives
Carbon Footprint Carbon Footprint Estimate
Footprint Value Tag
Miles Driven Equivalent

Water Footprint
Water Footprint Estimate
Footprint Value Tag Minutes Showered Equivalent

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